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This is an informal group of community volunteers that have come together to HELP others.

This groups exists primarily in the Facebook Group, “Roseville Volunteer Force” but this website was created to handle a special form that allows “those in need” to make private requests for volunteers to contact them for shopping, hard-to-find items, errands, and other non-contact help.

We believe that it is our duty to help our fellow community members when they are in need and while we can’t solve every problem, we do have a large list of volunteers (not necessarily the same as the members of this group) who are eager to help with errands, shopping, and similar things, ESPECIALLY in a time of crisis (e.g., Coronavirus mitigation, disasters, etc.)

It is IMPORTANT to understand that this is not supported or backed by the city of Roseville, RCONA, or any church. This is just a forum to do good with good intentions. Members of this volunteer force are not vetted through any formal process. Some are good friends, some are community leaders, some are business owners. However, some of these people do not have background checks and none of them are formally vetted. There is always a small percentage of scoundrels, thieves, predators, etc. among us and it is completely up to the recipient of any volunteer services to do their own background investigation and to be ultra careful about trusting a stranger. If someone does shopping for you, ask to see a receipt and verify what was purchased before reimbursing them. When reimbursing them, use Venmo. If you are uncomfortable opening your front door with them there, ask that they leave the groceries at your doorstep. Again, we cannot necessarily vouch for anyone who volunteers to help. Be cautious and safe. 

ALSO, posters in the associated Facebook group are asked to stick to needs and solutions. Related humor is okay but do not sell things here, do not get political, do not campaign, etc. We will likely make up some rules along the way too so please be patient.